Dear Stefanie:
My husband passed away five years ago and I stayed in our home in SS. About a year ago, I met someone new. He is selling his home in SS to move in with me. I want to be sure he can stay in the house if something happens to me. Any suggestions?

– Eager on Earlham

Dear Eager on Earlham:
It is a very difficult and possibly complicated situation when there is either a second marriage or a serious second relationship after a long marriage. Everybody’s situation is different and it is very important to get customized advice.
In my experience, getting your thoughts down in writing is very important and could help reduce friction between your new beau and any children upon your passing.
For example, you can grant your boyfriend the right to stay in the home for a set number of years after you go. That way, the kids won’t kick him out with nowhere to go. This language can be put in your Trust. You need to think about who will pay the fees, taxes, mortgage, gardening, maintenance and insurance.