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Dear Stefanie:
I have some very sentimental items and a few very old antiques from the 1750’s. My husband wants the kids to “figure it out” when they divide our personal things up. But, my gut tells me some things should be in writing, especially since we have very opinionated daughters-in-laws. Thoughts?

-Antique Lover on Alderman

Dear Antique Lover:
I have a discussion about personal effects with every client. A few thoughts from my perspective…
Custodian for Heirlooms – Think about who will get photos and heirlooms. Is there a good candidate? Sadly, I have seen family pictures, war medals, and historical documents go to dump when put in the wrong hands. Heartbreaking!
Prized Possession. While you could let family “duke it out” or draw straws, items have more meaning and impact when it is in writing. It shows you thought of the beneficiary personally, and that sticks with people for life. Trust me.
Diamond or Cubic Zirconia? My mom still tells the story of Papa tossing the real diamond bracelet in the sack with the costume jewels. Somebody at Goodwill had a great day, but still causes heartburn in our family. Write it down!
As you surround yourself with loved ones over the holiday season, think about how you can touch their lives in a meaningful way with your planning.