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Dear Stefanie:
Can you give an example of a frustrating experience that you have seen clients go through which could have been easily avoided?

-Curious on Coronation

Dear Curious on Coronation:
Have you been locked out of an account because you didn’t have a password or PIN? It’s even more frustrating (and harder to resolve) when it is a loved one’s account.
Some examples: I heard a story about a young father who suffered a stroke and the family literally spent 2 weeks trying to get the PIN for his iPhone. A client of mine spent hours after her husband passed getting the password for their joint email from the phone company.
Hours are lost trying to gain access when a PIN or password is not available. It is an incredibly maddening experience to be denied access, especially if you pay the bill on that account.
There are many solutions to this, and no one “right size” fits all. Proceed with caution! Here are strategies to consider:
1. Write down passwords and keep in a safe place (home safe, safety box). Tell somebody very trustworthy where they are and update them regularly.
2. Use professional password storage software, such as LastPass or DashLane. Passwords are kept on-line.
Life is frustrating enough, and having a “password plan” could save hours of time and energy.