Dear Stefanie:
       I recently started using Facebook. It has been a great tool to keep in touch with family, friends and with a choral group that I am in. I see myself using it more as I get familiar with it. What happens to all of this data this when I die?

– Internet-Savvy on Imperial

Dear Internet Savvy on Imperial:
       Contemplating how loved ones will access your digital assets (email, photos, Facebook) is increasingly important. I suggest everybody look into this.
       For Facebook, under the Security tab, you easily can add a Legacy Contact who can pin posts and update a profile if you pass. Regular Facebook users, I strongly recommend you to this!
       Email is also very important to plan for. I use Gmail (Google’s email). Gmail allows users to designate up to 10 Inactive Account Managers (IAMs). IAMs are loved ones who receive an email when your account has been inactive for a period of time (you set the time). Your IAMs can access your email and contacts after your account has become inactive. It is easy. I just did it.
       Finally, my Trusts give the Trustee the ability to control your digital assets. This is critical and your docs should be reviewed for this language.
I just recently started a Facebook page and would love to be Friends –