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Dear Stefanie:
My health is deteriorating and I have new workers and different family members in and out of the house all the time.  I have some valuables I am concerned about. Any suggestions for me?

-Never Solo on St. Edmunds

Dear Never Solo:
       When things are in flux, there tends to be chaos before things stabilize. I have two cases on my desk where, unfortunately, some very valuable and sentimental objects have gone missing and will not be recovered.
In one case, the husband and wife were both suddenly very sick at the same time. Things were happening fast.  There were new people coming into and out of the house on a regular basis.  The children were more focused on their parents than the jewelry, and all valuables remained on the dresser.
Some family heirlooms which were specifically bequeathed in the Trust are missing. Now that both parents have died, their children are very sad that some precious items from the “old country” are gone forever. The children are not going to pursue legal action, but this has left a hole in their hearts.
It sounds obvious, but be sure to protect valuables in a time of transition, especially when there are new people in your home. Put items into a safe or get them out of the house for best protection.
In this video I talk about “Protect Precious Items During Transition“.