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Dear Stefanie:
       My husband lives in a facility and I need to sell one of our cars.  On the pink slip, we are on title together with an “AND” between our names.  Now the DMV is making me jump through all sorts of hurdles before selling.  What gives?

– Stalled Out on Stewart

Dear Stalled Out on Stewart:
       How frustrating!  As an estate attorney, so much of my work focuses on helping clients to avoid these smaller annoyances (which add up to more stress, especially during difficult times).

       There are a few ways to hold title to a car.  If you and your spouse are on the pink slip as “AND,” or if there is a slash (“/”) between your names, then both of you are required to sign the pink slip before the car can be transferred.  If you don’t have Power of Attorney for your husband, transferring title could be a real hassle and take more trips to the DMV.

       If you hold title with an “OR” between your names, then EITHER of you can sell at any time.  This is more flexible.

       An additional tid-bit — if you are the sole owner of the car and want to name ONE beneficiary to receive the car immediately on your death, you can do this directly on the pink slip!  This is called a Transfer on Death Beneficiary.

       For members of AAA, you can go to their local office to have title changed, which is very convenient

       In this video I talk about “Pink Slip and DMV“.