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Dear Stefanie:
      The fires in Napa make me concerned that I don’t have my “ducks in a row” in an emergency.  Do you have any practical suggestions? I want to take action!

– Antsy on Alderman

Dear Antsy on Alderman:

      I understand, especially after seeing devastation like in Napa. I always feel relieved when I do something proactive. Here are some no-cost suggestions:

      Smart 911 – Brentwood and Concord residents can now sign up for Smart911.  When you register on-line, you give information which can be used during dispatch to expedite emergency responses to you. You can provide your address (allowing first responders to find you if you couldn’t talk), cell number, medical info, details about pets, your photo, and instructions about accessing the house.

      Vial of Life – This program allows you to put your medical information in your home in a place where first responders would actually find it.  If you have a Vial of Life sticker on a window near your front door, emergency responders will know to look inside for your medical information. Folks typically put this information in a pill holder in the fridge.

      Health Care Directive – Give a copy of your Directive to your doctor so that it is on file. I have had so many children of my clients call to thank me for mailing this in advance for their parents. The doc was there when they needed it!

For more information on Smart911 visit:

       For more information of Vial of Life visit:

      In this video I talk about “Emergency Preparedness – 3 Free Services To Use“.